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Head Coach: Kim Covington

Assistant Coach (s): Robin Butler, Karen Lynn

2006 record: 9-16

College Prospects: RHP Ashley Barfield (Sr., 5-4); 1B Meghan Shuman (Sr., 5-7); 3B Tara Miles (Sr., 5-4); C Lindsay Segar (Sr., 5-4)

Returning starters: RHP Ashley Barfield (Sr., 5-4); 1B Meghan Shuman (Sr., 5-7); 3B Tara Miles (Sr., 5-4); C Lindsay Seger (Sr., 5-4); OF Rebecca Horton (Jr., 5-5); SS/RHP Samantha Howard (So., 5-3); OF Stephanie Turner (So., 5-1)

Other returning players: OF Katie Anderson (Jr., 5-6); OF Brittany Friedberg (Sr., 5-1); OF Chelsea Cannon (So., 5-0); OF Amber Pride (So., 5-3); OF Erica Ellington (So., 4-11)

Top newcomers: OF Bridget Bacon (Fr.)

Season outlook: The Lady Redskins should jockey for a playoff berth again this season as seven starters return, including a solid group of returning seniors. The good news is the team�s top pitcher from last season in Ashley Barfield returns. Senior Meghan Shuman (.340 avg.) returns to spark the offense.



Head Coach: Sherry Griffin

Assistant Coach (s): Kevin Farmer, Charlie Burkett

2006 record: 17-8-1

College Prospects: C Nicole Hatcher (Sr., 5-6); OF Natalie Paris (Sr., 5-5); 3B Joanne Lepley (Sr., 5-6)

Returning starters: C Nicole Hatcher (Sr., 5-6); OF Natalie Paris (Sr., 5-5); 3B Joanne Lepley (Sr., 5-6); RHP/SS Brittany Tuten (Jr., 5-5); 2B/SS/C Emily Carter (So., 5-5); 2B/SS Sarah Hewett (Jr., 5-5); 1B Anna Hall (So., 5-7); 1B Elisabeth Dekle (Sr., 5-7)

Other returning players: OF Sara Hernandez (Sr., 5-5); 2B Kaylan Kersey (Jr., 5-5)

Top newcomers: SS Morgan Reddick (Fr., 5-6); RHP Taylor Hodges (Fr., 5-5)

Season outlook: After a second-place finish in Region 3-A last year, Calvary should be one of the team�s to beat in Region 3-A this fall. Eight returners are back, including a trio of strong college prospects in Nicole Hatcher (.294 avg.), Natalie Paris (.381 avg.) and Joanne Lepley (.228 avg.). Junior right-hander Brittany Tuten (1.32 ERA) returns on the mound.



Head Coach: Joy Daughtry

Assistant Coach (s): Eric Bluestein

2006 record: 10-13

College Prospects: None supplied

Returning starters: RHP Hana Oglesby (Jr., 5-5); SS Tanika Valentine (Sr., 5-7); 3B Tessa Daniel (Jr., 5-5)

Other returning players: 1B Keirsten Sheffield (Sr., 5-7); INF/RHP Miranda Hall (So., 5-7); C Anna Oglesby (So., 5-5); OF Daneesha Grant (Jr., 5-5); INF Yaneeva Brewton (Jr., 5-5)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: The Lady Tigers had their best season in school history last year and qualified for the state tournament. The team could be rebuilding this fall. The senior class is small, leaving a talented group of underclassmen to step forward. Three starters are back, including pitcher Hana Oglesby (9-12).



Head Coach: Pam Riner

Assistant Coach (s): Jesse Johnson

2006 record: 1-23

College Prospects: None supplied

Returning starters: SS Tessie Womack (Sr.); 2B Kia Burke (So.); 3B Erica Dixon (Sr.); P/C Nikki Ellison (Jr.); INF/OF Maggie Bowen (So.); 1B Valese McAllister (So.); INF/OF Kayla Landon (Jr.); INF/OF Morgan Wommack (Jr.); INF/OF Niamani Carlyle (So.)

Other returning players: P/OF Faith Patrick (So.); INF/OF Brittany Foreman (Jr.); INF/OF Macy Simmons (So.)

Top newcomers: INF/OF Candyce Eason (Fr.); INF/OF Sheana Scott (Fr.); INF/OF Shana Durden (Fr.); INF/OF Erin White (Fr.); INF/OF Danielle McGowen (Fr.)

Season outlook: In coach Pam Riner�s first season last year, the Lady Bulldogs struggled to maintain any sort of consistency. ECI should be much better in 2007. Most of the team returns, but if ECI is improve, the Lady Bulldogs must find some pitching. ECI had only one pitcher last year.


Head Coach: Linda Sanders

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Shannon Davis

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Marie Dotson

Assistant Coach (s): Julie Jordan, Peter Foley

2006 record: 28-6

College Prospects: None supplied

Returning starters: RHP/C/SS Katherine Dotson (So., 5-7); C/3B Katie Green (So., 5-6); 1B Blake Stafford (So., 5-9); RHP/SS Victoria Hilton (Fr., 5-6); 2B Melissa Burkhamer (So., 5-8); CF Camille Mercer (So., 5-7)

Other returning players: LF Amy Jones (Jr., 4-9); RF Faye Gibson (Jr., 5-6); CF Jessica Decker (Fr., 5-7); CF Na�Quelle Davis (So., 5-8)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: The Lady Hornets should be back in the postseason chase after finishing third in the state tournament last season. Six starters return, including all-state standout Katherine Dotson (.539 avg., 10 2B, 10 3B). The good news is that the bulk of Savannah Country Day�s talent is underclassmen.��