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Head Coach: Ralph Sanders

Assistant Coach (s): Clay Crawford, Jennifer Carter, Jessica Sanders

2006 record: 16-15

College Prospects: CF Anna Durham (Sr., 5-11); RF Stephanie Cowart (Sr., 5-6); C/INF Hannah Langley (Sr., 5-5); OF/INF Tiffany Cowart (Sr., 5-7); RHP/3B Tiffany Lambert (Sr., 5-7)

Returning starters: C Jessica Buchanan (Jr., 5-5); 1B Kayla Buchanan (Jr., 5-10); RHP/INF Elaina Thompson (Jr., 5-5); CF Anna Durham (Sr., 5-11); RF Stephanie Cowart (Sr., 5-6); C/INF Hannah Langley (Sr., 5-5); OF/INF Tiffany Cowart (Sr., 5-7); RHP/3B Tiffany Lambert (Sr., 5-7)

Other returning players: INF Chelsea Reese (Jr., 5-6); INF Megan Wright (Jr., 5-0); RHP/INF Billie Langley (So., 5-5); C/OF Sky Nicholson (So., 5-7); 1B Lindsey Rooks (So., 5-9); INF Jessie Whitlock (So., 5-7)

Top newcomers: INF Camry Morris (Fr., 5-3); C Megan Williams (Fr., 5-4)

Season outlook: A wealth of returning talent is back for the Lady Red Devils, including eight returning starters and a strong senior class. Bowdon should be a postseason contender. However, the pitching staff has to perform more consistently than it did last year. A pair of all-state candidates return to lead the offense � senior Anna Durham (.358 avg., 13 RBIs) and junior Elaina Thompson (.353 avg., 13 RBIs).



Head Coach: Josh Carter

Assistant Coach (s): J. Pruitt, A. Horn

2006 record: 19-17

College Prospects: None supplied

Returning starters: CF Sarah Haynes (Sr., 5-3); INF Jenn Davison (Sr., 5-5); INF/RHP Katie Gregory (Sr., 5-8); INF/OF Haley Sewell (Jr., 5-5); RHP/INF Taylor Yates (So., 5-7); OF Jenny Wright (So., 5-4)

Other returning players: OF Erin Pointer (Sr., 5-5); OF/C Shay Brown (Jr., 5-6)

Top newcomers: C/INF Anna Lynn Harris (Fr., 5-5); INF Taylor Jennings (So., 5-8)

Season outlook: The Lady Blue Devils rebounded after a midseason slump last year to make the state tournament, then narrowly missed making the state tournament finals in Columbus by a game. Bremen hopes to build off last season�s finish. Six starters are back, including a trio of seniors. Taylor Yates (.265 avg.) returns to lead the offense.



Head Coach: Danny Deems

Assistant Coach (s): Michael Adcock, Ken Locke, Daniel Lockridge

2006 record: 13-12

College Prospects: None supplied

Returning starters: SS/RHP Katie Deems (Jr., 5-9); SS/RHP Stephanie Locke (Jr., 5-9); C Taylor Brown (So., 5-7); OF Katie Cauthen (So., 5-7); OF Amber Blackmon (Jr., 5-5); OF Shana Tomlin (Jr., 5-4); INF Ashley Garland (So., 5-4)

Other returning players: OF Ashley Duke (So., 5-2); OF Samantha May (So., 5-7); OF Katie Lockridge (Jr., 5-8)

Top newcomers: INF Sydney Howell (Fr., 5-5); INF Abby Hibbard (Fr., 5-6); INF Haley Hood (Fr., 5-0); OF Sarah Smith (Fr., 5-1); OF Rachel Smith (Fr., 5-2); INF Myra Russell (Fr., 5-7)

Season outlook: The Lady Eagles fielded their first varsity team last season and had considerable success. Excel hopes to take things a step farther this fall. Seven starters are back, including talented juniors Katie Deems (.377 avg., 12 RBIs) and Amber Blackmon (.418 avg., 16 RBIs). Look for a solid group of sophomores to contribute.



Head Coach: Dana Reed

Assistant Coach (s): Greg Payne

2006 record: 29-11

College Prospects: RHP/1B Callie Gee (Sr., 5-6)

Returning starters: SS Molly Rodgers (Jr., 5-5); CF Shanna Gallahar (Jr., 5-9); RHP/1B Callie Gee (Sr., 5-7); LF/RHP Jonia Taylor (So., 5-4); 1B Jordan Bohannon (Jr., 5-10)

Other returning players: 2B Jensen O�Neal (So., 5-4); 3B Chelsea Tarvin (So., 5-4); SS/2B Haley Kokoszka (So., 5-4); OF Kalen McLeroy (So., 5-7); OF Jordan Hawkins (So., 5-5); C/OF Lacy Perry (Jr., 5-5)

Top newcomers: U Courtney Hall (Fr., 5-5); 3B Anna Quinn (Fr., 5-5); OF Holli Brooks (Fr., 5-7); OF Leslie Bohannon (Fr., 5-8); OF Alli O�Neal (Fr., 5-7); RHP Brittany Murphy (Fr., 5-6)

Season outlook: There are some key positions to fill if Gordon Lee is to approach last season�s success. Graduation took its toll on the Lady Trojans. Replacing all-state pitcher Kaity Holloway won�t be easy, but senior Callie Gee (2-4, 1.44 ERA) is ready to step into that role. A talented group of juniors and sophomores are expected to contribute.



Head Coach: Millie Grimes

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Rachel Edge

Survey not returned