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Head Coach: Jennifer Raymond

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Toby Evans

Assistant Coach (s): Lee Kicklighter

2006 record: 4-19

College Prospects: SS Tiffany Phillips (Sr., 5-7); RHP Andrea Dean (Sr., 5-8); 1B Danelle Riggins (Sr., 5-8); 2B Miranda Colbert (Sr., 5-6)

Returning starters: SS Tiffany Phillips (Sr.); RHP Andrea Dean (Sr.); 1B Danelle Riggins (Sr.); 2B Miranda Colbert (Sr.); C/OF Chantel Schroeder (Jr.); OF/3B Hannah Hayward (Jr.); 3B/OF Felicia Shelton (So.); C/OF Brittany Brawner (So.)

Other returning players: OF Jessica Allen (Sr.); OF Laura Banda (Sr.)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: Eagles Landing had a lot of talent last season that improved throughout the year. The Lady Eagles hope to continue where they left off last season as most of their starters return. Four seniors � Tiffany Phillips, Andrea Dean, Danelle Riggins and Miranda Colbert � will lead the way.



Head Coach: Jason Shadden

Assistant Coach (s): Holly Norton, Kim Standerfur

2006 record: 4-12

College Prospects: None supplied

Returning starters: SS/C/3B Melissa Perdue (Jr., 5-6); U/RHP/C Victoria Baker (Jr., 5-2); OF Quay Green (Sr., 5-5); 1B/C/RHP Micah Pauls (So., 5-5); 1B/OF Erica Boggess (So., 5-5); OF Miranda Johnson (Jr., 5-3)�

Other returning players: None supplied

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: Henry County started slowly last year and finished strong. The Lady Warhawks are hoping last season�s inexperience pays off this fall. A solid group of underclassmen return, including a pair of juniors in Melissa Perdue and Victoria Baker, who both batted better than .300 last year.



Head Coach: Charlie Biles

Assistant Coach (s): Norma Wilson

2006 record: 16-12

College Prospects: SS Stephanie Crider (Sr., 5-4); 1B Kendra Dills (Sr., 5-11); 2B Kayla Fogg (Sr., 5-5); 1B/OF Morgan Vereline (Sr., 5-6)

Returning starters: RHP Tomeka Watson (Jr., 5-8); SS Stephanie Crider (Sr., 5-4); 1B Kendra Dills (Sr., 5-11); 2B Kayla Fogg (Sr., 5-5); 1B/OF Morgan Vereline (Sr., 5-6)

Other returning players: 3B/OF Kornisha Miller (Sr., 5-9); OF Lauren White (Sr., 5-5); OF Kaneisha Benjamin (Jr., 5-10); OF Autumn Jamerson (Jr., 5-3); SS/OF Brittany Pulliam (Jr., 5-6); 2B Samantha Settles (Jr., 5-2); 3B/OF Courtney Yancey (Jr., 5-2); C/OF Eboni Keith (So., 5-8)

Top newcomers: C/OF Kira Brokeshoulder (So., 5-9)

Season outlook: Jackson made the state tournament for the second time in school history last season, and the Lady Red Devils hope to build off that momentum. Five starters are back, including last season�s Region 4-AAA Offensive Player of the Year, Tomeka Watson (.452 avg.). Four other returning seniors are back.



Head Coach: Ronnie Shipman

Assistant Coach (s): Sonny Trammell

2006 record: 13-15

College Prospects: C/SS Jaimie Allen (Sr., 5-3); RHP/1B Krista Posey (Sr., 5-10)

Returning starters: C/SS Jaimie Allen (Sr., 5-3); RHP/1B Krista Posey (Sr., 5-10); SS/RHP Deena Deaton (Jr.); 2B Amber Sawley (Jr.); 3B/OF Sam Bowdoin (Jr.); RHP/1B Chandler Williams (So.); RHP/C/3B Megan Williams (So.)

Other returning players: OF/SS Kyla Tanner (Jr.); OF/3B Caitlin Hill (So.); OF Courtney McDaniel (So.)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: If Mary Persons can develop some offense, they could have a chance to improve on last season�s record and challenge for a postseason berth. Four seniors graduated. The team is still relatively young. The Lady Bulldogs will have to depend heavily on seniors Jaimie Allen and Krista Posey early in the year until some underclassmen mature.



Head Coach: Vacant

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Marty Maddox

Assistant Coach (s): Samantha Brown, Reece Fowler, Gidget Gue

2006 record: 20-14

College Prospects: C Sarah Belcastro (Sr.); 1B/3B Cecily DeMarco (Sr.); CF Casey Rector (Sr.); LF/CF Meagan Smith (Sr.)

Returning starters: C Sarah Belcastro (Sr.); 1B/3B Cecily DeMarco (Sr.); 3B Jordan Miller (So.); SS Paige Nowacki (So.); RHP Allie Raines (Jr.); CF Casey Rector (Sr.); LF/CF Meagan Smith (Sr.)

Other returning players: OF/RHP Casey Anderson (So.); OF/2B Kaitlyn Jeffares (Jr.); 1B/C Chelsea Meyers (So.)

Top newcomers: 2B/SS Taylor Wilkes (Sr.); SS/2B Savannah Cook (Fr.); RHP Morgan Beek (Fr.); OF Destiny Yates (Fr.)

Season outlook: In its inaugural season, Ola notched 20 wins and made the state sectionals. With most of their starters returning, the Lady Mustangs should be back in the playoff picture this fall. Standout pitcher Allie Raines (1.60 ERA) returns, while a pair of offensive sparks are back � Meagan Smith (.340 avg., 14 SB) and Paige Nowacki (.388 avg., 3 HR, 6 3B)



Head Coach: Allison Hooks

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Jeff Sans

Assistant Coach (s): Christie Davis, Jeff Winston, Courtney Herbert

2006 record: 19-10

College Prospects: 3B Marla Patterson (Sr., 5-7); 1B Ashton Jones (Sr., 5-9)

Returning starters: OF Keke Sullivan (Sr., 5-6); 1B Ashton Jones (Sr., 5-9); RHP/OF Jenna Clarke (Sr., 5-6); 3B Marla Patterson (Sr., 5-7); RHP/OF Erica Smith (Jr., 5-7); 2B Ashley Craddock (Jr., 5-5)

Other returning players: OF Shan Newberry (Sr., 5-6); OF Erica Borden (Jr., 5-5); RHP/OF Katie Claxton (Jr., 5-7); 1B Blake Ford (Jr., 5-6); 3B Haley McCarty (So., 5-5)

Top newcomers: SS Julia Saunders (Fr., 5-8); C Katlyn Offenberg (Fr., 5-7); RHP/INF Alexis Ricks (Fr., 5-7); 2B Tiffany James (So., 5-6); 1B Carrine James (So., 5-6)

Season outlook: After having a young team last year, Perry hopes its young team has matured and is ready to make a run at the postseason. Six starters are back, four of them seniors. If the Lady Panthers� pitching comes through, this team could be dangerous. The team batting average was .385 last year and two of Perry�s top hitters return in Marla Patterson (.506 avg., 5 HR, 44 RBIs) and Ashton Jones (.455 avg., 37 RBIs).



Head Coach: Chantay Edwards

Survey not returned



Head Coach: Matt East

Assistant Coach (s): Tom Beat

2006 record: 26-12

College Prospects: RHP Jenni-Lynne Smith (Sr., 5-10); C/3B Ashley Kennedy (Sr., 5-8); SS Dayla Middlebrooks (Sr., 5-5); OF Alicia Coggins (Sr., 5-9)

Returning starters: RHP Jenni-Lynne Smith (Sr., 5-10); C/3B Ashley Kennedy (Sr., 5-8); SS Dayla Middlebrooks (Sr., 5-5); OF Alicia Coggins (Sr., 5-9); 3B/RHP Heather Kilar (So., 5-8); OF Cember Carmichael (So., 5-9); INF/C Sara Hemphill (So., 5-8); INF Dana Jarrett (So., 5-3); INF Alex Kilgore (Sr., 5-9)

Other returning players: OF Chyna Hastings (Jr., 5-7); OF Leveria Hastings (So., 5-6)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: After its most successful season in school history, Spalding aims to take things farther this fall. Eight returners are back, including Region 4-AAA Pitcher of the Year Jenni-Lynne Smith (25-11, 0.91 ERA). Offensive standouts Ashley Kennedy (.352 avg., 5 2B) and Dayla Middlebrooks (.371 avg., 6 2B, 12 RBIs) also return.



Head Coach: Michael Thompson and Josh Crawford

Assistant Coach (s): Diane Wilcher

2006 record: 21-9

College Prospects: RHP Meagan Soles (Sr., 5-9); C Kristen Hartley (Sr., 5-8)

Returning starters: OF April Fowler (Sr., 5-3); RHP Megan Soles (Sr., 5-9); C Kristen Hartley (Sr., 5-8); RHP Valerie Pittman (Jr., 5-2)

Other returning players: 2B Lauren Gibbs (So., 5-4); OF Michelle Hall (Sr., 5-5); 1B Mandy Tarpley (Sr., 5-8)

Top newcomers: INF Shelly Lord (Jr., 5-1); OF Bethany Garner (So., 5-8); INF Olivia Knight (So., 5-4)

Season outlook: There are some key positions to fill if West Laurens plans on defending its Region 4-AAA crown. Only four starters are back. However, two of those are seniors in Meagan Soles and Kristen Hartley. Soles (11-5, 2.01 ERA) is a solid pitcher, while Hartley (.373 avg., 23 RBIs) should continue to lead the offense.