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Head Coach: Adrienne Sweat

Assistant Coach (s): Kay McFatten

2006 record: 4-10

College Prospects: OF Brandi Graham (Sr.)

Returning starters: OF Brandi Graham (Sr.); C Laken Kirkland (Jr.); RHP/1B Amanda Davis (Jr.); SS Kelsie Harris (So.); OF/C Courtlyn Fussell (So.); OF/INF Audrey Bell (So.); INF Haley Sellars (Jr.)

Other returning players: OF Victoria Suttles (Jr.); INF/RHP Blaze Shrauder (Jr.)

Top Newcomers: INF/OF Hannah Batten (Fr.); INF/OF Kelsie Kirkland (Fr.); U Tia Bailey (Fr.)

Season outlook: The Lady Trojans were young and inexperienced last season and struggled at times. Coffee is still young but should be improved this fall. Seven starters return. The bulk of the talent rests in a large junior and sophomore class. Keep an eye on junior Courtlyn Fussell (.374 avg., 2 3B) who had a strong freshman season last year.



Head Coach: Carman Phillips

Assistant Coach (s): Nikki Lacey

2006 record: 15-13

College Prospects: INF Ashley Everett (Sr.)

Returning starters: RHP Camille James (Sr.); INF Ashley Everett (Sr.); INF Lori Griner (Sr.); INF Lunden Connell (Sr.); INF Tiffany Troupe (Sr.); INF Brittany Sikes (Sr.); C Maggie Davidson (Jr.)

Other returning players: INF/OF Ashley Skeen (Sr.); INF/OF Melanie Bass (Sr.); INF/OF Christy Harper (So.); INF/OF Kaley Clark (So.); INF/OF Harley Grimm (So.)

Top Newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: The Lady Packers just missed out on the postseason last year. With nine seniors, Colquitt looks to make a run at the playoffs in 2007. Right-handed pitcher Camille James leads a talented pitching staff, while senior Ashley Everett heads up a strong infield. If the team can play with consistency, the Lady Packers could challenge for the region crown.



Head Coach: vacant

Assistant Coach (s): Brian Rainwater, Maria Huelsman

2006 record: 24-6

College Prospects: 3B/RHP Kaitlyn Carriker (Sr., 5-3); 2B/3B Danielle Burkett (Sr., 5-3)

Returning starters: 3B/RHP Kaitlyn Carriker (Sr., 5-3); C Ashlee Burkett (Jr., 5-6); RHP Chelsea Burroughs (Jr., 5-7); OF Sarah Ling (Jr., 5-5); 1B Erica Vasquez (So., 5-4); SS Kourtny Thomas (So., 6-0); OF Taylor Fountain (So., 5-5); OF April Collins (So., 5-4); RHP Brianna Hancock (So., 5-4)���

Other returning players: OF Victoria Piper (So., 5-6); OF Caroline Cowart (Jr., 5-7)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: The Lady Bears were without a coach at press time as former coach Cristi Griffin resigned. The new coach will inherit a wealth of returning talent. Nine starters are back, including a strong sophomore class. Houston boasts two of the region�s top returning pitchers in junior Chelsea Burroughs (0.42 ERA) and sophomore Brianna Hancock (0.97 ERA)



Head Coach: Jared Dickey

Assistant coach (s): Amy Broad

2006 record: 20-15

College Prospects: RHP Lauren Revels (Sr., 5-8)

Returning starters: C Sarah Santana (Jr., 5-7); 3B Morgan Harris (Jr., 5-10); OF Sadee Scarborough (Jr., 5-6); SS Dionne Bishop (Jr., 5-7); 1B Abbey Agerter (Jr., 5-10)

Other returning players: 2B Kristin Broadway (Sr., 5-8)

Top newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: If a talented junior class can lead the team, Lowndes should make another run at the postseason. Six starters are back, including right-handed pitcher Lauren Revels (14-11, 1.84 ERA, 123 K�s). Catcher Sarah Santana (.426 avg., 17 RBIs) is one of the region�s best behind the plate.



Head Coach: Ivey Vickers

Assistant Coach (s): Michelle Caldwell, Taylor Wilkins, Debra Redlinger

2006 record: 16-12

College Prospects: C Krysten Mangham (Sr., 5-7); SS Kelly Dill (Sr., 5-9); OF Kadie Moretz (Sr., 5-4); INF Haley Janousek (Sr., 5-6)

Returning starters: SS Kelly Dill (Sr., 5-9); C Krysten Mangham (Sr., 5-7); OF Kadie Moretz (Sr., 5-4); RHP Rachel Segers (Jr., 5-7); INF/OF Rebecca Johnson (Jr., 5-9); INF Haley Janousek (Sr., 5-6); INF/OF Kelly Redlinger (Jr., 5-9)��

Other returning players: RHP Kelsey Jones (So., 5-8); INF/OF Brittany Fore (So., 5-6); INF/OF Jessie Brooks (So., 5-9); INF/OF Kendall Couch (So., 5-7); INF/OF J.B. Dunn (So., 5-7); INF/OF Jenna Parrish (So., 5-7)

Top Newcomers: None supplied

Season outlook: Seven starters return from last season�s team that made the state tournament. Four of those are senior offensive standouts Krysten Mangham (.313 avg., 14 RBIs), Kelly Dill (.354 avg., 16 RBIs), Kadie Moretz (.367 avg., 16 RBIs) and Haley Janousek. Junior Rachel Segars (13-13, 1.46 ERA) and sophomore Kelsey Jones (3-0, 0.42 ERA) return to handle the pitching duties.



Head Coach: Lisa Vincent

Assistant Coach (s): Adam Harre, Mark Kirksey

2006 record: 9-18

College Prospects: U Brooke Baldwin (Sr., 5-11)

Returning starters: RHP/3B Aysia Reed (Jr., 5-6); SS Kristin Gill (Jr., 5-6); RHP/3B Courtney Merritt (Jr., 5-7); OF/C Jordan Theis (Jr., 5-5); U Brooke Baldwin (Sr., 5-11); C Brianna Kilgore (So., 5-4); OF Max Rexroth (Jr., 5-4)

Other returning players: U Peggy Peterson (Sr., 5-8); 1B Amanda Smith (So., 5-6)

Top Newcomers: RHP/3B Bridgette Walker (Fr., 5-4); SS/2B/OF Leslie Brandon (Fr., 5-4); C/1B Shelby Sharp (Fr., 5-4); U Keke Evans (Fr., 5-4)

Season outlook: The Lady Wildcats made significant strides last season, improving defensively as well as offensively. Valdosta seeks to continue building on that foundation this year. Seven starters are back, including a pair of standout pitchers in Aysia Reed (4-9, 1.55 ERA) and Courtney Merritt (5-9, 1.21 ERA). Junior Kristin Gill (.359 avg.) returns to lead the offense.



Head Coach: Brenda Arnett

Survey not returned